Professor Marin van Heel appointed Professor of Cryo-EM Data Analysis

Marin van Heel has been appointed Professor of Cryo-EM Data Analysis at the Faculty of Science with effect from 1 September. Van Heel was previously Professor at Imperial College London, a post he had held since 1996.  

Optics and imaging theory

Professor Marin van Heel

Professor Marin van Heel

Van Heel studied technical/theoretical physics at the TU Delft and at the University of Groningen, where his interests from the outset focused on optics and imaging theory. He obtained his PhD in 1981 in Groningen on imaging and image analysis in electron microscopy.  During his PhD research Van  Heel was already working on methods for studying images of individual biological macro-molecules (single particles); these techniques have since become part of the standard methods applied in the field.

Max-Planck Gesellschaft

In 1982 Van Heel was appointed at the Fritz-Haber Institute in Berlin, where he remained until his appointment in 1996 at Imperial College London. He set up the Imperial College Centre for Structural Biology, along with the Centre for Biomolecular Electron Microscopy. He also took the initiative to establish a number of international schools, including the Santa Rita School for Single Particle in cryo-EM that has been held regularly in Brazil since 2005. 


Van Heel's appointment is related to the establishment at Leiden University of the Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (NeCEN). Two of the world's most advanced cryo-transmission microscopes will be established in this unique national centre. These microscopes willl be used for research by Leiden researchers, but will also be available for use by researchers from outside the Netherlands.

Conveying expertise to the next generation

Van Heel combines unique technical and scientific expertise, that he wishes to convey to a new generation of scientists.


(20 September 2011)

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