Honorary Doctorates at Leiden for Arabists Patricia Crone & Michael Cook and for translator Rien Verhoef

Translator of English-language literature Rien Verhoef is to receive an Honorary Doctorate from Leiden University. Arabists cum historians Patricia Crone and Michael Cook will also be awarded an Honorary Doctorate. The doctorates will be conferred on 8 February 2013 on the 438th anniversary of the founding of the University.

Rien Verhoef

Rien Verhoef translates English-language literature by leading authors such as William Faulkner, Vladimir Nabokov and Ian McEwan into Dutch. He is the permanent translator for works by McEwan. Verhoef is being awarded this Honorary Doctorate for his dedication to making English-language world literature available in Dutch and for his ability to produce texts consistently of the highest quality in the most inventive and impressive way. See the full text of Honorary Doctorate for translator Rien Verhoef.

Patricia Crone and Michael Cook

Arabists cum historians Patricia Crone (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) and Michael Cook (University of Princeton) will receive a joint Honorary Doctorate from Leiden University. They are receiving this award in recognition of their pioneering and consistently innovative vision of the history of early Islam that has brought about lasting change in the field. 

See the full text of Honorary Doctorates for Arabists cum historians Crone and Cook.

(31 October 2012)

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