Schools in Leiden open again

The schools in Leiden are open again on Tuesday 23 April. The directors of the schools reached this decision in discussion with the Mayor, the Public Prosecution Service and the police. 

Threatened shooting

On Monday all the secondary schools and Regional Training Centres in Leiden were closed as a preventive measure because of a threatened shooting. The possible 'school shooting' was reported Sunday evening via internet. Leiden University and the junior schools in Leiden were open as usual on 22 April. The university remained in close contact with the police and had no indications of any threat.  


After a careful analysis of the message on internet, experts came to the conclusion that the threat was less acute than had initially been thought.

Suspect arrested

The police arrested a suspect on Monday, but it is not yet clear whether this individual was actually involved in posting the threat. The police enquiry is continuing.

(23 April 2013)

Last Modified: 23-04-2013