Study plan for the second year

This summer, all first-year Leiden students will be formulating a study plan for their second year of study. The study plan is being introduced in order to encourage students to keep up their study tempo after the first year.

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In May/June 2013, departments will be asking all their first-year students to formulate a study plan in the summer, in preparation for their second year of study. All first-year students will receive information from their department about the specific approach and method to be used.

Which study components when?

Students have to indicate in the study plan which programme components they plan to complete within a given period of time. There are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration when drawing up the plan, such as whether there are first-year courses that still have to be completed, whether the student already wants to – and is able to - choose a specific direction within the study programme, which elective courses he or she is planning to follow, and what is the best way to plan all of the above.

Submitting the plan

The study plan then has to be submitted to the relevant department. The study adviser will either approve the plan or recommend improvements to it.

If a student falls behind in the second year, for instance due to personal circumstances, he or she should discuss progress with the study adviser.

What does the study plan mean for students?

For students, the study plan represents:

  • An incentive to create a realistic and well thought-out study plan that takes into account relevant additional activities and/or personal circumstances;

  • An overview of the courses to follow and the relevant examination dates;

  • A good way of guaranteeing study progress because, as well as the individual student, the study adviser/supervisor can also compare the actual study progress with the plan, so that delays can be identified on time.

Why make a study plan?

Leiden University firmly believes it is important for students to complete their studies successfully and on time. For students it is important to do the best they can and to get the most out of their study programme, and, of course, to graduate on time. The goal is for students to complete their bachelor’s programme in the three years allocated for the programme.

The Leiden study system (including the BSA) helps first-year students to discover whether the subject they have chosen suits them, in other words, whether they are in the right programme. In the second year, the study plan supports students in successfully progressing in their studies and completing the programme on time.


In the past few years, a number of departments from different faculties have been involved in a pilot, and many students have already worked with the study plan. Starting in the 2013-2014 academic year, all second-year students in all programmes will be using the study plan.

(15 May 2013)

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