European subsidies for research on health and raw materials

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has awarded major grants to two consortia that Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center are part of. The money is intended for use in innovative research on health and sustainable raw materials.

EIT is making funds available to the InnoLife and RawMatTERS consortia. LUMC and Leiden University are both part of InnoLife, while Leiden University is also part of RawMatTERS.


In the coming years, EIT will be making 2.1 billion euros in grant funds available to InnoLife. This is a consortium of 144 European commercial enterprises and institutions, including Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and Leiden University. The money is intended for use in the development of innovations in the area of health care, education and addressing challenges created by changing demographics in Europe.

Within this consortium, LUMC conducts research on aging. 'Thanks to this programme, something can really change in care for the elderly in hospitals and in the ability to keep the elderly as active as possible or improving their level of activity,' explain LUMC professor Eline Slagboom and her colleagues who do research on aging. 'The technical biomedical and psychosocial experts in the are fully up to this task.' Within the Medical Delta, LUMC is collaborating with Leiden University, the universities in Delft and Rotterdam and the Erasmus Medical Centre.


RawMatTERS includes partners from 20 different European countries. Besides Leiden University, those also include TU Delft and TNO. Scientists in this consortium are looking for new ways to sustainably use, produce, reuse or substitute raw materials. KIC Raw Materials is one of EIT’s five major multi-year research programmes. The available funding is on the order of 40 to 70 million euros per year.

Professor Arnold Tucker, Academic Director of the Institute for Environmental Sciences (CML) and chairman of the Board of the Leiden-Delft Erasmus Centre for Sustainability (CfS) commented: ‘By participating in RawMatTERS we are positioning CfS as the leading international institute on sustainable management of natural resources. CML is already one of the leading academic institutions in terms of analysing material flows in society, so we really feel that we belong in this consortium. And conversely, CML and CfS are making a strong contribution to reinforcing  the competitive strength of Dutch and European industry by improving the security of supply of natural resources.'

(12 December 2014)

Last Modified: 16-12-2014