€500 K from NWO for Bernard Hommel's research team

Cognitive psychologist Professor Bernhard Hommel is to receive €500,000 for his interdisciplinary research into how closely knit the rational and emotional aspects of human decisions are. The amount was rewarded in the context of the NWO´s Programme of Excellence. With his research Professor Hommel hopes to gain a better understanding of regular thought processes as well as of such psycho-pathological occurrences as drug dependency and eating disorders.

Drug addiction and eating disorders

With this research Hommel hopes to gain a better understanding of general thought processes, and also of such psychopathological phenomena as drug addiction and eating disorders.

Three perspectives
This project is one of the first initiatives to integrate three perspectives:

  • cognitive
  • clinical
  • neuro-scientific

The research tools he uses are behavioural studies, genetic analyses and brain research.

Innovative research

Hommel has joined forces with Professor Reinout Wiers and Dr Sanne de Wit, both from Amsterdam University, to work on this project, which is titled 'Cognitive and motivational components of adaptive and maladaptive decision-making: an integrative approach'.

The project is associated with the Leiden Institute for Brain & Cognition (LIBC)

Last Modified: 11-08-2010